Our culinary philosophy is best described as creating dishes that hit an emotional cord. Fresh, full of flavour and served with finesse – our dishes thrive on only the best of ingredients. We make it a point to use only Thai indigenous spices, characteristic of traditional Thai cuisine.

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Thai Soup nám súp

Just like every fairy tale must begin with “once upon a time”, every Thai meal must begin with a bowl of steaming hot soup!

Tom Yum Talay 
Tom Yum seafood soup

Tom Yum Pla 

Tom Yum fish soup

Tom Yum Kung 

Tom Yum prawn soup

Tom Yum Kang Nam Deang 

Red Tom Yum crayfish soup

Tom Kha Gai
Chicken soup with coconut milk

Kaeng Chued Gai Jiew
Sliced chicken in broth

Kaeng Chued Luk Ngaw
Chicken tang hoon ball soup

Tom Klong Pla 
Sliced fish in special tamarind and herb soup

Bangkok Street Favourite ta-noň ah-hahn

We walked the busy streets of Bangkok to bring you these items, voted by the Thais to be the tastiest of all Thailand’s street snacks.

Poo Tod Kratiem Phrik Thai
Soft shell crab with our chef’s secret batter

Pla Muek Tod Krob
Thai fried squid

Tod Mon Pla
Thai fish cake

Hor Mok Talay 
Thai seafood otah

Peek Gai Yud Sai 
Thai stuffed chicken wing

Tom Yum Peek Gai
Crispy Tom Yum chicken wing

Gai Op Pattaya
Thai-style roasted chicken thigh

Kung Ka Bwang
Crispy pancake

Kanom Pang Na Kung  
Prawn toast

Mee Krob
Crispy caramelised noodle with chicken cube

Khoa Tang Naa Tang
Thai rice cracker served with special ThaiExpress creamy chicken and shrimp sauce

Roti Krob 
Crispy roti stuffed with minced chicken salad

Poo Cha
Deep-fried minced crab meat and chicken cake with plum sauce

Neua Daad Dew
Thai fragrant sun-dried sliced beef

Thai Salad & Vegetable pàk sòt

Thailand is famous for her great tasting salads that make healthy eating easy for everyone, even self-confessed carnivores!

Kway Teow Lui Suan
Thai-style DIY minced chicken and dry kway teow salad

Yam Mamuang 
Thai mango salad

Yum Yai
Famous King Rama II of Thailand’s salald

Yam Woon Sen Talay 
Glass noodle with seafood salad

Yum Neua Yang
Beef salad

Kway Teow Lod
Kway teow roll with minced chicken and mushroom

Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa 
Stir-fried minced chicken with Thai basil and century egg

Phat Pak Bung Fai Daeng  
Thai style stir-fried kang kong with fermented bean and chilli padi

Pak Bung Phat Phrik 
Stir-fried kang kong with special ThaiExpress spicy shrimp paste

Tau Phat Phrik 
Stif-fried string bean with special ThaiExpress spicy shrimp paste

Ka Nah Phat Het
Sauteed Kai lan with mushroom

Ka Nah Phat Neua 
Sauteed sliced beef with kai lan

Ka Nah Phat Gapi  
Sauteed kai lan with shrimp paste

Gai Phat Med Ma-Moung-Him-Ma-Phan  
Sauteed chicken with cashew nut

Thai Curry kaeng

(Served with steamed Thai Horm Mali rice)

Kaeng Daeng Gai
Chicken with potato in red curry

Kaeng Daeng Mangsawirat
Vegetable with tofu in red curry

Kaeng Khiew Wan Talay 
Seafood inl jade green curry

Kaeng Khiew Wan Gai
Tender juicy chicken in jade green curry

Kaeng Khiew Wan Mangsawirat
Fresh vegetable in jade green curry

Kaeng Daeng Talay
Seafood in red curry

Massaman Curry

(Served with Thai-style pancake)

Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai-style pancake

Massaman Beef Curry with Thai-style pancake


Thai Laksa kaeng sen

ThaiExpress is proud to be one of the few restaurants in the world to specialize in Thai laksas, a great love of Thailand rarely found in restaurants due to the elaborate preparation needed for the gravy.

Khanom Chine Kaeng Kari Talay
Thai laksa with seafood in red gravy

Khanom Chine Kaeng Khiew Wan Talay
Thai laksa with seafood in jade green gravy

Khanom Chine Kaeng Khiew Wan Kang
Thai laksa with crayfish in jade green gravy

Khanom Chine Kaeng Khiew Wan Mangsawirat
Thai laksa with vegetable in jade green gravy

Thai Noodle tai sen

Oodles of noodles… smooth, slippery, slurpy, soupy. It’s a supreme symbol of longevity and love.

Mee Sua Kaeng Chued Gai
Thai longevity noodle in double-boiled chicken broth

Woon Sen Tom Yum Pla 
Glass noodle with fish in Tom Yum soup

Sen Lek Tom Yum Talay  
Stick noodle with seafood in Tom Yum soup

Mee Sua Phat Kee Mao Talay
Fried mee sua with seafood and vegetable

Sen Lek Neua 
Stick noodle with sliced beef in beef broth

Woon Sen Kaeng Chued Gai Jiew
Glass noodle with sliced chicken in clear chicken broth
(Recommended for kids)

Phat Thai Talay  
Phat Thai with seafood

Phat Thai Mangsawirat
Phat Thai with vegetable

Sen Lek Kee Mao Gai  
Stir-fried spicy stick noodle with chicken

Kang Ob Woon Sen
Glass noodle with black pepper crayfish in claypot

Woon Sen Kaeng Chued Luk Ngaw
Glass noodle with chicken tang hoon ball in soup
(Recommended for kids)

Poo Nim Ob Woon Sen 
Glass noodle with black pepper soft shell crab in claypot

Phat Thai Neua
Phat Thai with beef

Woon Sen Tom Yum Kang 
Glass noodle with crayfish in red Tom Yum soup

Pad Si Ew Neua
Thai stir-fried kway teow with beef

Pad Si Ew Talay
Thai stir-fried kway teow with seafood

Rad Na Tom Yum 
Tom Yum hor fun with seafood

Thai Sukiyaki Heng   
Thai sukiyaki dry noodle

Thai Sukiyaki Nam   
Thai sukiyaki soup noodle

Kway Teow Sukhothai  
Stick noodle with minced chicken and prawn in chilli oil soup topped with crushed peanut


Rice khao

Poo Phat Pong Kari 
Rice with soft shell crab, egg and onion curry

Khao Phat Supparod Talay 
Pineapple fried rice with seafood

Khao Kluk Kapi Talay 
Fried shrimp paste rice with seafood

Khao Ob Nam Leab
Fried olive rice with chicken and fresh black olive

Khao Kai Jiew Kung
Rice with fresh prawn omelette
(Recommended for kids)

Extra portion of rice

Khao Phat Gai Ob Nam Pheung 
Fried rice with honey chicken and egg
(Recommended for kids)

Khao Gai Ob Nam Pheung 
Rice with honey chicken

Khao Gai Phat Krapow 
Rice with stir-fried spicy minced chicken with Thai basil

Khao Neua Phat Krapow  
Rice with stir-fried spicy minced beef with Thai basil

Khao Phat ThaiExpress 
Tom Yum fried rice with seafood

Khao Pla Piao Wan
Rice with sweet and sour fish
(Recommended for kids)

Gai Op Phrik Thai Dam
Rice with black pepper chicken

Poo Nim Phat Phrik Thai Dam
Rice with black pepper soft shell crab

Gai Phat Pet Ched Nam Ta 
Rice with yellow ginger chicken

Khoa Tom Pla
Thai-style fish porridge with special sauce

Veggies Delight

(Strong mind strong body)

Tom Yum Hed Nang Fah   
Tom Yum oyster mushroom soup

Mee Krob Jay 
Crispy caramelized noodle with fried tofu

Khoa Tang Naa Tang Jay 
Thai rice cracker with special ThaiExpress creamy mushroom sauce

Phat Het Kab Pak Ruam Mit 
Sauteed assorted vegetable with mushroom

Tau Hoo Si Ew Dam  
Dark soya tofu

Phat Benjarong 
Stir-fried five treasures

Yum Woon Sen Hed Inoki 
Glass noodle with inoki mushroom

Pueak Himmapan 
Fried taro with cashew nut

Sen Yai Lad Na Mangsawirat Tom Yum 
Tom Yum hor fun with vegetable

Spageti Phad Kee Moa Kaab Pak 
Thai-style stir-fried spicy spaghetti with vegetable, tofu and Thai herb

Khao Phat Supparod Phak 
Pineapple fried rice with vegetable

Khao Ob Nam Leab Phak  
Fried olive rice with vegetable

Tau Hoo Phat Krapow   
Rice with Thai basil tofu

Thai Dessert kŏrng wăhn

ThaiExpress Red Bean Dessert 
Our very own creation, two scoops of coconut ice-cream topped with home-made red bean paste drizzled in sweetened coconut milk

Khao Niao Mamuang 
Sweet glutinous rice with fresh mango and coconut milk

Man Cheam  
Steamed sweet tapioca with coconut milk

Tub Tim Krob 
Thai red ruby with sweet coconut ice-cream

Coconut Paradise
Yet another one of our very own creation. A scoop of coconut ice-cream, sweet glutinous rice, atap seed and crushed peanut awaits you to create a paradise of your desire

Ta Kor 
Famous Thai fragrant pandan jelly with coconut custard

Mun Cheam
Steamed sweet potato with coconut milk

Thai Chendol (Chilled) 
Fragrant jackfruit slices, colorful strains of chendol and chewy flour bits in a sea of rich coconut milk and traditional Thai palm sugar

Lod Chong Singapore  
Green emerald Thai lod chong with sliced jackfruit and red ruby in coconut milk

Lod Chong 
Green emerald Thai lod chong

Beverage krêu.ang dèum

Red Bean Milkshake 
A ThaiExpress specialty

Avocado Milkshake
Avocados are known to be rich in unsaturated fats, which helps to keep your cholesterol level nice and low

Nam Kluay Supparod
Thai ice-blended pineapple with banana

Banana Milkshake
Fresh chilled banana creamed with frothy milk

Thai Pina Colada 
Pineapple soda with a scoop of coconut ice-cream topped with pineapple cubes

Chiang Mai Mango Blend 
An exotic smooth and creamy mango blend

Phuket’s Citrus Treat
Phuket’s beach babes love lying in the sun with this icy orange-pineapple blend

Nam Tangmoo Manao 
Watermelon and lime freeze

Nam Manao

Sour Plum Drink
The drink that separates the boys and the girls

Fresh Coconut Drink
The sweetest coconuts from Thailand

Lime Rose Drink
A rose by any other name would still smell as weet… can’t be more true

Fresh Lime Juice
Leave the job to our citrus lime friends to freshen your palate for a great meal

Naam Ma Toom
Traditional Thai herbal drink

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